Below is our FAQs to help you better understand the process, click on the left hand blue arrows near the Questions to reveal the drop-down answers. Please feel free to register your interest via email and ask any further Questions.

Promotey! is a Promotions Agency that welcomes new Agents/Members to sign-up and follow our system, to develop their own Local Flyering Operation with our support! We also offer other things that you may wish to Join/Try to keep building new Services that you can benefit from.

Once you sign up to our Members Portal you get your own special secure area to Manage all of the key things like your Unique links, QR codes which are all trackable and also your Earnings.

It is £1 a week paid annually (*£52 is payable), you can also sign up to 2 further partner programmes which are SCANDOSH (a T-shirt Promo Opportunity) & BUZZWING (A Social Business Community Network). These all cost £1 a week also (paid annually).

Fear not! You can offset this with your first or second Clients and we will show you exactly how! It means after that everything is in profit with 4 Revenue Streams (1 on the front, 3 on the back) available straight away! This is done for you and any small Business venture has some start-up and running costs! So basically it‘s a 50/50 split deal, so you earn as much as us!

We suggest you approach Local Businesses and offer to Partner with them. Using one of our A5 full Colour Flyer Templates (which you can download here or in our resources areas) you can develop or devise a Design that has a Voucher (we will supply you a link and introduction) and charge your partner a fair fee that in the first few Projects will see you into a profitable status. We also suggest you use our suggested Print Supplier! There are no limits and the back of the Flyer is always Customised with your own QR Codes inserted into the allocated space which is very easy to do and takes no time. Once you have your Clients design and you have amended the back template too, you are ready to print the run of Flyers. They will be delivered to your doorstep and you can then distribute them as and when time allows. You not only charge your Client for the front side, you also can Earn £75 per flyer if someone New signed up using your own Flyer. Our system tracks and records this aspect So that you get rewarded. So there is huge potential and once you get the hang of it, it is great fun too!

We provide some Training Videos and point you to some easy to use FREE SOFTWARE that makes the entire process very easy. If you can copy and paste, upload an image and draft a basic layout then this is quick, fun and easy. If not, you can find someone to work with that can assist you to get started,

Hard work will always pay off! You can deliver many, many Flyers for several clients all at once! Supporting your Local Business Community and them helping you to get going to is a win! win! You get out and about to new areas, and get some great exercise and its very social as explaining the entire Promotey System to others and developing the conversion skills will optimise your set-up!

We have a selected a superb Local Print Supplier who can manage just about any needs that you may have! In our resources area we explain the process with some helpful videos. Your clients will cover the cost of print as part of the deal that you negotiate with them. You can use one of our downloadable Contract Templates to cover formal arrangements and use the simple Visual Layout presentation method, then formal legal sign off to best protect both parties. Careful checking of files and text at proof stage (proof-reading) with make sure there are no issues. You can of course use your own chosen Printer too if you wish.

So you can approach Local Businesses, build mutual relationships and render Flyering, Social Media, On-line/offline support to them. You can research Local Events and offer improved Promo support services. You can promote Online services by becoming an Affiliate and using trackable links. You can explore our other aspects such as Interviews, Content creation and other great Promotional activity to support your Business Community. There are also many good causes, charities and Networks that need assistance. You have to think of unique ways to build key relationships that benefit all!

Promotey! This is a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the small independent business arena with very few running costs, stock levels, overheads or excessive commitments. If you have a PayPal account, a PC or laptop, Internet access and a thirst for hard work, then this is the opportunity for you! If you are a student, semi-retired, or a parent that needs extra income, the fact that you can run this how you wish without judgment or limitations, as well as the usual 9-5 stress, means that you could be up and running with your start-up costs covered within a few months. Additionally, each flyer has mutual value and is therefore backed with 100% conversation and support. It’s also a great way to get fresh air, fitness, socialisation and to learn new skills but under your own control. If you are driven, a self-starter, and can run with an idea, you will find this has tremendous potential! You could for example, scale this to a local magazine with highly profitable web channels added too!

As a Promotey! Agent we suggest:

01. Professional outlook

02. Hard effort

03. Respectful attitude

04. Attention to detail

05. Good research & diligence

06. Full Legal compliance

07. Good organisation

08. No spam/Litter

09. Good Communication skills

10. Independent mindset

11. Great Client support

12. Progressive approach

This video gets you up and started!